The most capable media agency
in the world.
Built by Creators, for Creators.

Who We Are

WGMCorp./JLVWII is the premiere global media organization to meet the needs and wants of small and large Creators and creative businesses, to provide products, services, and solutions relevant to their work, and to extend and expand their careers.

What We Stand For

WGMCorp./JLVWII envisions a culture of creativity where Creators are free to express themselves without fear of discrimination based on race, sexuality, gender expression, nationality, disability, or socioeconomic status, and barriers of censorship, exorbitant fees, or platform access.

What We Do

WGMCorp./JLVWII provides low-cost products and services for small and large Creators and creative businesses, including but not limited to, website development, brand forming, graphic design, career management, social media strategy, music distribution, apparel and merchandising solutions, and much more.

How We Do It

WGMCorp./JLVWII invests in the success of Creators capitally and operationally. Through a combined Capital and Operating FY25 Budget of over half a billion dollars, we can fund over 100 direct support staff for Creators, hundreds of warehouse technicians, and projects that celebrate Creators and their art, annually.