Creator Visibility Projects

WGM’s perpetual celebration of Creators and musicians.

Highlighting Creators from all fields of creation.

May 2024, May 2026, May 2028, May 2030, May 2032…

Honoring multidisciplined Creators for their work.

May 2024, May 2026, May 2028, May 2030, May 2032…

Conferring Academy awards to Creators.

November 2025, November 2027, November 2029, November 2031, November 2033…

Memorializing exceptional musical records.


Owen Reese, Chief Creative Officer
Maxwell Jones, Executive Director of Creator Initiatives
Daniel-Jay Parker, Creative Director
Juanita Sanchez, Director of Creator Operations
Robert Evans, Deputy Director of Creator Success and Development
Ernest Williams, Executive Director of the Williams Entertainment Institute
Shaun Pace, Commemoration and Memorialization Coordinator

Alaina Hayes, Director of Creator Visibility Projects
Margaret Combs-Smithson, Creator Visibility Projects Specialist
Joshua Klein, Digital Media Specialist
Lauryn Jackson, Communications Coordinator
Timothy Maldonado, Storyboard Editor
Marcus Richardson, Associate