The perfect balance of operation and creation.
Built by Creators, for Creators.

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The COMB Method

Our business model ensures we’re putting Creators First.


Handled by JLVWII

Chief Creative Officer:
Jeron Williams II

  • Responsible for creation and creativity
  • Responsible for the procurement of talent
  • Executes creative vision


Handled by WGMCorp.

Chief Operations Officer:
Gregory Zimmerman

  • Responsible for organizational operation
  • Responsible for cross-organizational compliance
  • Executes organization-wide workload


Handled by WGMCorp.

Chief Management Officer:
Gregory Zimmerman

  • Responsible for executive supervision
  • Responsible for people operations
  • Executes goal governance and guidance


Handled by WGMCorp. and JLVWII

Chief Financial Officer:
Johnathan Tilghman

  • Responsible for revenue and allocation
  • Responsible for the management of funds
  • Executes day-to-day spending

The Products and Services

Our Creators First products and services further enhance our mission.

Placard Media

WGMCorp./JLVWII gives Creators the agency to make what they want, do what they feel, and realize, utilize, and actualize their creative visions with Placard Media.

Placard Media is the one-stop shop for all things design, print, and manufacture for WGM. Placard is responsible for all WGM websites, logos, merchandise, and branding.

12:23 Distribution

WGMCorp./JLVWII provides Creators with industry-level music distribution, rights registry, and enhanced monetization collection with 12:23 Distribution.

12:23 is committed to helping musicians, music groups, and labels at all stages in their career progression. 12:23 can help you find solutions for your distribution needs.

TealTie Management

WGMCorp./JLVWII allows Creators access to high-level business and career management through exclusive and in-house tools with TealTie Management.

TealTie Management is equipt to handle evolving needs and environments of small, medium, and large Creators and businesses, with tiered supports for every level.


WGMCorp./JLVWII anticipates the need for miscellaneous tools and services that allow Creators and our own organization to flourish with ServiceStride.

ServiceStride is the catch-all for WGM’s backup and backend services, including website servers, paper goods, online payment platforms, and blockchain pilots.