A Statement from The Office of The President of Williams Ventures

Good morning, friends and family. I’m Stephen Ulando, the current President of Williams Ventures and Co., Ltd. Over the past few months, Williams Ventures and its partner and family companies led a Redirection campaign, to introduce Williams Ventures to the broader public. The first phase of that, in a record-breaking rebranding, is now completed. Jeron Williams II and The Redirection Committee, John Tilghman, Josh DeBruin, and Andrew Stenson, have done a wonderful job at changing the tide of what was once a shadow company into a powerhouse organization. I am so grateful to them for making my presidency that much more meaningful.

So, what’s new? Jeron Williams I and II have reincorporated Williams Ventures and its former subsidiaries. WGMCorp. (The Williams Global Media Corporation) now owns Williams Ventures and all of its companies, Placard Media, Outone, MiniMusicManage, Trilo Music, and the newest addition to the Williams Ventures family, 12:23 Distribution. And now, each has a clear purpose and mission. But, the WV Family shares one common goal: To uplift, expand, and improve the careers of musicians, creators, and businesses, just as we have been doing before.

And, what’s next? Over the next year, WV will work on campaigns to offer our services to a wider range of musicians, creators, and businesses. The official reopening of Williams Ventures will be on Monday, July 12th, 2021. I and the newly appointed Presidential Caucus President Lisa McDevy will continue to lead this amazing organization, just as we have before, in line with the new company values and practices. We are WV STRONG!

Stephen Ulando
President, Williams Ventures and Co., Ltd.