WGM’s Call to Action to Support UArts’ Creators

The sudden closure of the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, PA represents a significant loss for the global music, media, and entertainment industries, disproportionately affecting small Creators and the broader artistic community. WGM is an organization devoted to nurturing and protecting the interests of artists, and the impact of this event deeply concerns us.

UArts has been a cornerstone for emerging talent, providing essential education, tools, and mentorship necessary for success in an increasingly competitive creative sector. The abrupt end of UArts’ operations, precipitated by financial insolvency and the subsequent withdrawal of accreditation by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education, leaves a void in our cultural landscape. This institution’s closure, driven by a combination of dwindling enrollments, declining revenues, and rising expenses, underscores the fragility of arts education in today’s economic environment​.

In response, The NSEC Estate and WGM are dedicating a $450,000 gift from our Invest In Creator Initiative funds specifically to assist UArts students affected by this transition. This support aims to provide financial relief and facilitate the continuation of their educational and professional pursuits in creative fields. IIC funds can be used to subsidize, or make complimentary, products and services provided by WGM. The CEO of WGM, Jeron Williams II, is pledging an additional $50,000 to the IIC funds for UArts students, bringing the total to half a million dollars. The funds will be available starting July 1st.

The media and entertainment sectors are undergoing significant transformations, driven by technological advancements and changes in content consumption patterns, including a shift towards more interactive and personalized media experiences. These shifts underscore the importance of adaptability and the need for sustained investment in creative talent to harness these evolving opportunities​.

We urge other organizations within the industry to join us in this critical moment to support these Creators. By fostering an environment that embraces technological innovation and supports its Creators, we can ensure the resilience and continued growth of the industries and growing community of Creators we’ve all pledged to serve.

Jeron Williams I

Executive Director of the Estate of the Williams Family of the Northern Southern East Coast

Stephen Ulando

President of the Board of the Entrusted of the Williams Global Media Corporation

Jeron Williams II

Chief Executive Officer of the Williams Global Media Corporation