WGM Pledges To Stop Taking Corporate Contracts by 2026

In a largely unexpected turn of events by the leaders of WGMCorp., they have announced that the company, and its subsidiaries, will not take corporate company contracts by the fiscal year 2026 (December 2025). Francis Scott, the Executive Director of the Williams Ventures Consultancy, which is responsible for handling contracts for its sister companies, says that this is a “much-needed step” toward the decentralization of large platforms, and refocusing the spotlight on what the Consultancy is calling “grassroots artists, musicians, creators, and businesses”, as in line with the company’s new redirection. GI Board Member Tasha Jones says that taking the focus off of larger businesses “will give us the power needed to accept smaller firms, organizations, and creators into the WGM Family”. Tasha also says that the company expects to take no losses financially, as the already moderate prices of individual services “will encourage creators to leave their current companies to convert to a full-service organization, built by creators, for creators.”