WGM Adds and Reforms 7 Companies

WGMCorp. has created 3 new companies and reformed 4, bringing the corporation total to 17.

Alongside the main 6 companies, WGMCorp. owns or has created 11 more to assist with company operations. The new ones include The Williams Family Network (WFN), a company-wide data management system, Sound Structures, a musical research company, and ABJA, a musical archives company. Reformed companies include Williams To World Logistics (W2W) (formerly The Williams Family Logistics) which handles international shipping from WGM companies, Wixel (formerly Williams Logistics), which handles website connections between clients and WGM, WillCo (formerly VinCo), which supplies WGM with paper goods, and Syphon (formerly The Williams Family Data Link), which delivers company data to The Williams Estate. The remaining companies include SparkMU, a training company, 3 Star/Five Point (conjoined companies) for musical storage for Outone and Trilo Music, and WillCapsule, a corporation preservation organization.