WGMCorp. Announces New Changes to Organizational Subsidiary Lineup

On March 7th, The Board of Williams Ventures announced new changes to the companies of WGMCorp., organizational reshuffles, name changes, and much more.

The largest of the changes include the rebranding of the staple WGM company, MiniMusicManage.

MiniMusicManage executive director Steve L. Jones says, “At the birth of this great conglomerate, our focus was the music industry and in what ways we could serve large and small musicians, independent artists, producers, and other types of musical creators. While that is something we’ll never shy away from, we’ve answered the call for expanded creator backing, including the Creators of sister organization Placard Media. It is today that we announce the latest change to MiniMusicManage, starting with a branding overhaul. Harkening back to the earliest days of what once was Multiply Media Group, TealTie Team gives homage to Tater Tot Team. TealTie will still offer the same music, media, and entertainment management that we have before, and offer comprehensive management plans with flat rates and percentage cuts.” Visit the new TealTie Management Team page here.

WGMCorp. announced in August that it had done a company reform. Again, WGMCorp. has done a reshuffle of its organizations. WGM has combined all of its service companies into one organization, ServiceStride (S², company mark SVS). S² will absorb The Williams Family Network, Sound Structures, ABJA, W2W, Wixel, WillCo, Syphon, Williams EPS/POS/OTA Payment Processing, Duck & Quack, PullTab, Hash Stash, Williams Towers, Pinnacle Protection and Security, WFoP Holdings, 3 Star/Five Point, etc., as well as new companies for the public, including but not limited to, Pascal Sourcing, BlockPlane, and Settle. S² will be offered as a public services company in the WGMCorp. Family of Companies lineup, however, no changes to existing Family of Companies graphics are expected.

Jeron Williams II will permanently return to WGMCorp. in a new position as the Chief Creative Officer following the end of their Organizational Transition Director residency, an invitation extended by the Board of Williams Ventures. The Office of Jeron Williams II offered gratitude for the opportunity and ensures that Williams II will not include the new salary figure into his $10,000 cap for the 2022 fiscal year. Williams II’s salary for all positions within WGMCorp. organizations and partner organizations (including The Office of Jeron Williams II and JLVWII) have previously been capped at $1,000,000. Williams II voluntarily changed the cap to 1% of the agreed-upon amount for the 2022 Fiscal Year in December. The Office of Jeron Williams II has provided more insight on this. “While the flat-rate salary has reduced to 1%, per preexisting agreements between Jeron and JLVWII, Jeron is still entitled to 100% of their contractually agreed-upon royalties from projects like The JLVWII Shop and other outside partnerships and sponsorships.” The Office of Jeron Williams II also has agreed to merge with WGMCorp. following Williams II’s start as CCO, to be a subsidiary organization.

The Redirection Committee will return full-time to their posts in July. The Committee included Outone Executive Director John Tilghman, Trilo Music Executive Director Josh DeBruin, and TealTie Executive Director Steve L. Jones. Tilghman, DeBruin, and Jones partially left their roles in December of 2020 and were thought to have been replaced. However, Williams II has reinstalled them in their original posts and has created teams of diverse, young, forward-thinkers to surround them with.

Big Drippa Clothing has officially been absorbed into Placard Media, says Williams II.

In related news to the organization, WGM has announced that the brick-and-mortar central headquarters office building will be decommissioned by the beginning of company year 2024 (December 2023). WGM will instead install multiple small-form office sites in specific cities in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. One is set to open in Newark in March of 2023 and The Office of Jeron Williams II (Philadelphia) will be converted into one in January of 2023. WGM is calling these small-form offices Uplinks.

Lou Lewis, Secretary of the Board of Williams Ventures

with informational and editorial contributions from Jeron Williams II, Maria Hernandez, and Wendy Watson (The Office of Jeron Williams II)