WGMCorp.’s Annual #GoRainbow Campaign

At WGMCorp., we believe in equal access for all Creators to services needed to fulfill their dreams and create what they want to see in the world. For the past three years, our companies, projects, and subsidiaries have participated in a campaign, known as #GoRainbow. There are multiple companies and organizations that will do what we do this year and every year: exchange our company logos and profile pictures for a rainbow version of them. However, the difference between us and most organizations is that we actually believe and follow the rhetoric we release as an organization.

Chief Creative Officer Jeron Williams II, during the Lewis Creator Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony, said, “There is no glory in the process of creating, but there are beautiful people behind the work done. WGMCorp. stands with Creators of all types and from all places, without reservations. We believe in equal representation, access, and support for all Creators. We believe in women’s rights to choose how they live their lives. We believe that anyone should be able to get married to who they want. We believe that no one should be denied the same access and the same rights as the next person, and we believe that all Creators should feel comfortable to create whatever they want in the world.”

This is a direct verbalization of how WGMCorp. feels about all Creators, and how we work to support them. Last night, during the Meet The Creator Roundtable, it was announced that WGMCorp. will be extending its services fee suspension through July. We’re on a mission to prove that we are not a profit-driven organization, that we care about all Creators small and large, and that we’re for the advancement of marginalized Creators who don’t have as large of a voice as other Creators.

Queer Creators are some of the most talented, influential, and often the most overlooked group of Creators. Queer people who chose to express themselves freely have been lost to ensure the ones after them will flourish. By providing the same access to all Creators, WGMCorp. is able to help fulfill those wishes, to allow Queer Creators to excel and exceed in their careers.

Join us for the WGMCorp. annual #GoRainbow campaign and show your support for Queer Creators and everything they create for the world.

Joshua Klein, Influencer Digital Media Associate for TealTie Management

with contributions from Maria Allen, Leo DeWalt, and Jeron Williams II