12:23 Announces New Competitive Pricing for Music Distribution

Today, June 10th, Gregory Zimmerman (CEO of 12:23 Distribution) announced new competitive pricing plans for 12:23 Distribution plans.

“At 12:23, we recognize the growing music industry tides and distribution company tactics, attempting to nickel and dime musical Creators and overrun them with fees. Along with committing ourselves to the WGMCorp. Month of Creators promise which extends free* and heavily discounted services, including the services of 12:23 Distribution, to all Creators, we have also decided to change the way we charge Creators for our services, to keep up with their needs as Creators. Starting August 1st, 12:23 Distribution will offer lifetime distribution plans starting at $1.29 per track. That means for as low as $1.29 with no hidden or recurring fees. All track prices include Outone Registration, and SoundCloud Monetization can be added starting at $0.70 per track.”

To learn more about 12:23 Distribution and its new pricing plans, click here.