WGMCorp. is Keeping It Black… For Another Year

WGMCorp. is joining the Juneteenth festivities for another year, even though we’ve never formally participated in any Juneteenth events.

3/5ths of WGMCorp.’s Executive Officials are Black, and every blood-bound member of The Williams Estate is Black. Last year, WGMCorp. celebrated Juneteenth the way we do every year: keeping it business as usual. We’ve always had an overarching mission to serve underrepresented communities, the underdogs, in the music, media, and entertainment sectors. We don’t have to go out of our way to “appreciate” Black people, because we do that anyway.

The way we celebrate Juneteenth is by, number one, having 1/3rd of our entire workforce as Black or mixed-race with Black dominance staff, number two, offering our services free* and discounted to all Creators (including and especially Black people and People of Color) through July and, number three, putting innate and naturally equitable practices into our company policies and practices. WGMCorp. has never had to correct a lean toward one race, gender, sexuality, or otherwise over another. WGMCorp. doesn’t have to be an equal opportunity provider if all of our opportunities were already equal. We’re just doing what we’ve been doing.

WGMCorp. knows that Juneteenth is a celebration of something larger: the true date of emancipation for the enslaved in the South, and for that, we honor and respect the traditions of Juneteenth. But, corporations have turned Juneteenth into targeted ad topics, placards to sell services, and have completely flipped the message of the sacred celebrations. Let’s make something clear: Juneteenth is for Black people. It is not a day for non-Black people to take off, and it is not another holiday to not do anything on (see The Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service). This is for us, and us alone.

Happy celebrating, and Happy Juneteenth.