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Music Distribution

12:23 Distribution offers affordable distribution for artists with worldwide coverage and lifetime market space. Artists reserve 100%* of their rights. And it’s hassle-free with only three steps. Submit your information, pay your dues, and distribute your music.

12:23 offers lifetime distribution plans per track, month, and year.

Every distribution plan includes global distribution on dozens of platforms, including the most common ones, YouTube Content ID Assignment, SoundCloud Monetization, and registration with Outone, Trilo Music, and Nielsen (Billboard Charts).

*To render services, 12:23 will request and retain the exclusive right to distribute and monetize your music for the duration of services rendered for you. These are returned to you upon request and automatically at the end of your engagement with 12:23.

Website/Graphic Design

Placard Media offers web domain, hosting, and design services tailored to your needs and your audience’s perception. With industry-leading knowledge, Placard can design a website that’s sure to attract consumers. Placard also offers graphic design, including logos, icons, brand kits, and more, all to make your brand more visible and enjoyable for your customers.

Placard Media quotes, invoices, and charges by the project, all of which are subject to Consultant fees.

Each project includes lifetime support. For websites and hosting, that includes errors that cause damage to how the website fundamentally operates. For graphics, that includes basic tweaks and unlimited file types.

Merchandise Logistics

Placard Media offers merchandise logistics through dropshipping, warehousing, and global delivery. With catalogs full of thousands of products, worldwide shipping reach, and fully white-label* processes, you can start your own merchandise business quickly and easily.

Placard Media quotes, invoices, and charges by the project, all of which are subject to Consultant fees.

Each Merchandise engagement is different. You can let us design, ship, and manage your entire store and its products. You can provide the designs and use our products on your website. You can choose to warehouse a bulk order of products, and we’ll ship them out when you get an order.

*Placard Media will place relevant logos, wordmarks, icons, or other identifiable brand elements alongside the branding elements you provide, creating a cohesive partnership display across your store.

Career Management

Creator Services Worldwide provides state-of-the-art career management and development for small and medium-sized Creators, who need help extending and expanding their careers. With connections across the music, media, and entertainment industries, and access to an arsenal of creative services, CSW is sure to make your impact bigger.

Creator Services Worldwide quotes, invoices, and charges by the services required, all of which are subject to Consultant fees.

Each Service engagement is different. You can use us as an administrative assistant, handling phones, answering emails, and scheduling events. You can use us as an agent, booking shows and engagements for your musical or artistic career. Or you can choose how we show up for you.

Other Services